Monday, June 10, 2013

’13 college seniors, ’15 A11FLers?

Fans of the A11 Football League who are wondering which football players will join the league in time for its first full season of play in the spring of 2015 might want to keep a keen eye on the upcoming college football season.

The A11FL will scour all ends of the earth for the best players not under contract in the National Football League to play in its inaugural season. Over the extensive history of alternative professional football leagues, many quality players who take part in spring leagues in a given year were college players just a year-and-a-half prior.

In the spring of 1991, many players in the World League of American Football were college football stars in 1989 and didn’t make NFL rosters in the fall of 1990. Same with the XFL in 2001 – some 1999 college stars didn’t make the NFL cut in 2000, but made their professional debuts the next spring.

Think about it – how many high-quality college football seniors in the fall of 2013 won’t make a 53-man NFL roster in the fall of 2014? And how many of those free agents would rather play in a high-quality spring league than take their chances being the 90th man on a 90-man offseason roster, take part in one or two minicamps and not even make it to 2015 training camp?

Of course, A11FL players will be of all stripes – NFL veterans who want to keep playing, players from other leagues who want to come over, players who have kicked around practice squads and training camps for a couple years but never made a 53-man roster, etc.

But keep a keen eye on the 2013 college football season – you may very well see dozens of future A11FL players finishing their collegiate careers this fall.

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