Friday, June 7, 2013

A11FL Play of the Week – Base 20 Option Left

Talk about a play that both Red Grange and Adrian Peterson would love.

“Base 20 Option Left” is a run option play which has plenty of big-play potential to the offensive left (defensive right) half of the field, utilizing the decision-making prowess of the quarterback, the speed and elusiveness of the tailback and the blocking ability of the remainder of the players on the field, but especially the three players to the strong side of the play.

Base 20 Option Left combines many of the successful elements of both today’s modern spread offense and the offenses of pre-1950s professional football.

  • On the strong side of the play, the “A” – either a big blocking wide receiver or a tight end – will crack back inside to seal the end with a combo block up to the middle linebacker, leaving the quarterback to take on the nickelback or outside linebacker in space. The “R” – a slotback-type receiver – goes outside to block the cornerback, while the “X” – a possession receiver and solid blocker, cracks the free safety down-field. The blocks by the R and X receivers should create a lane for the tailback to run through, should the quarterback pitch to him.
  • The three inside offensive linemen are to keep the nose tackle and the two defensive ends from chasing down the play. The “U” – a quick guard type, executes a combo block on defensive end up to the linebacker, the center steps play-side to hook the nose tackle and the “Y” – the offense’s most powerful lineman or blocking tight end – attempts to push the backside defensive end to the other side of the play to keep him from chasing down either the quarterback or the tailback before working his way up to the 2nd level.
  • On the back side of the play, the “E” – another tight end type; the “B” – a bigger slotback; and the “Z” – the team’s best receiver in terms of speed while also having good hands and running good routes, hustle to cut off the defensive players covering them and keep them from chasing the play down from behind.

      As with any play, perfect execution depends on everyone on the play doing their job. And with the versatile athletes the A11 Football League will feature, any time you see this play in use, a big gain almost surely will be the result.

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