Thursday, June 13, 2013

A11FL Play of the Week – Blue Tight (A) Crack 27 Razor

Red zone plays with multiple options are a hit with head coaches, offensive coordinators and quarterbacks alike.

One such A-11 offense play that can cause havoc for a defense and most likely put up six points on a regular basis for the offense is “Blue Tight (A) Crack 27 Razor.” Best suited for a left-handed quarterback but still effective for a righty, Blue Tight (A) Crack 27 Razor gives the pivot a chance to show off either his accuracy in tight spaces or his speed, agility and sheer guts in running to daylight.

  • In the backfield, the quarterback will play-fake to the running back and roll out/waggle left. The running back will perform the play-fake and then proceed to block the first defensive player he sees coming free on the back side of the play.
  • The quarterback’s first read is the outside “X” receiver on the play side. The “X” will run a post-corner route, potentially leaving him open in the back corner of the end zone. The second read is the slot “B” receiver on the back side. The “B” runs an angle route no deeper than 14 yards – a seemingly easy throw for a lefty. The third read is the outside “Z” receiver on the back side. The “Z” will run a backside post route behind the back-side safety, unless the void underneath the safety or in the middle of the end zone is too big to ignore. The fourth and final read is the outside slot “A” receiver on the play side. The “A” goes in motion toward the “restricted linemen,” almost as a wingback, then releases into the flat as the quarterback’s outlet.
  • The “R,” or tight end, will be the inside slot receiver on the play side, but will stay in and block for the quarterback rolling to the left. The other four “restricted linemen” play regular offensive line positions and pass protect against the defense’s four linemen in a 4-3 alignment.

As with any play, perfect execution depends on everyone on the play doing their job. But with a high-quality running game with which to play-fake off of, Blue Tight (A) Crack 27 Razor is a touchdown-producer more often than not in the red zone.

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