Wednesday, June 5, 2013

A11FL Magazine Q&A – Kurt Bryan

This week’s “A11FL Magazine Q&A” is with A11 Football League co-founder Kurt Bryan. Bryan is a 25-year veteran of high school and college football coaching, and the co-creator of the A-11 Offense.

How exciting is it to be a part of a league that is bringing professional football back to its roots?

“I admire and respect the players, coaches and fans of football’s past, and I never compare eras because that’s not fair either way. Regarding the A11FL, we’re honoring the game’s true essence of its more-pure bygone days, and combining it with modern athletes and wide-open strategies. Fortunately, it makes sense and everybody wins.”

How pleased are you with the executives the A11FL has assembled to date, and also with the early progress of the A11FL leading up to the Showcase Games of 2014 and the inaugural full-season of 2015?

“The A11FL is being led by outstanding sports-business executives possessing remarkably successful backgrounds. The A11FL offers a very exciting and unique product that nobody else can; therefore, our executives are doing things properly - securing long-term deals for excellent stadiums that have room for growth, lining up sponsors and media partners and carefully screening the elite investor groups wanting to join the league. To be clear, this type of serious endeavor is not a race, it’s a marathon, and the A11FL is being constructed upon a rock-solid foundation to stand the test of time. Our Showcase Games in the spring of 2014 will give fans a sneak peek into the dynamic future of the A11FL, a preview of the A-11 pro game that will feature the most innovative brand of elite football available.”

How exciting will the possibilities be for fans if a team’s offense uses both A-11 and regular offensive principles in a game?

“The A11FL game is going to be a blast for the fans to watch and interact with. since there are thousands of possible options for coaches and players to choose from beginning from the outset, the A11FL will offer the most unpredictable brand of pro football ever. Literally on a play-by-play basis, fans won’t know if their favorite team will utilize a warp-speed, no-huddle A-11 Offense, or the Power I or some type of innovative hybridization. And it will be awesome on both sides of the ball.”

What are your expectations for the A11FL in 2015?
“The A11FL will be a major-league level and elite spring pro football league, playing its games in front of thousands of fans who are having an affordable and fun experience, while the games are being broadcast on regional and national television.”

What are some of the key aspects of the league you want to have finalized before, say, the beginning of 2013 NFL training camp?
“The league has narrowed down its list of big-market city team locations to a possible list of 12 candidates. We’ll have at least one major sponsor on board, and broadcast deals wrapped up with at least one, maybe two media partners. I think we can do it!”

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