Monday, June 24, 2013

A11FL Play of the Week – Base Out Creep 178 Cross

Every good offensive playbook has a few trick plays.

One of the A11 trick plays with the most big-play potential is “Base Out Creep 178 Cross.” Base Out Creep 178 Cross features four possible down-field pass targets, two potential check-down lateral possibilities and an optional check-down route by the running back. With as many as seven options for the quarterback, the 3-4 players doing the blocking at/near the line of scrimmage need to be pitch perfect in their assignments.

-       The quarterback is in the shotgun, and takes a five-step drop. There is no designed rollout on this play.

-       The two outside receivers, the “X” to the left and the “Z” to the right, both run a post-corner route. The two inside slot receivers, the “A” to the left and the “B” to the right, both run a 4-yard shallow cross route. Those slots are to sit on the far hash mark against a zone defense, and are to continue across the field against man coverage.

-       The two middle slot players, the “R” to the left and the “E” to the right, both are ineligible receivers on the line of scrimmage. However, they can take a lateral pass, so they both run a decoy negative bubble.

-       The three inside “restricted linemen,” the center, the “U” to the left of the center and the “Y” to the right of the center, pass block, as does the running back. The back either can block the defensive end or can check to the circle route against an odd front with no blitz from the defense.

As with any play, perfect execution depends on everyone on the play doing their job. But with the right timing for the play call – and the right defense to use it against – Base Out Creep 178 Cross can get a sputtering offense back on the right track quickly.

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