Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The A11FL – a defensive coordinator’s nightmare

With the A11FL’s one and only rule change, allowing every player on offense to have an eligible number on the field at the same time, league offensive coordinators are going to have limitless possibilities at any time and at any spot on the field.

And A11FL defensive coordinators, unfortunately, will be keenly aware of that.

In the NFL, defensive coordinators need only worry about six eligible players in the huddle at one time, and they can be fairly certain where those players will line up on any given play.

Now imagine trying to stop an offense which has 11 players with eligible numbers in the huddle. Then imagine not knowing which of those 11 players will line up as eligible receivers. Then imagine if the top running back on the opposing team lines up as a left tackle, and not knowing if he will stay in and block, or take a handoff on a rather unconventional end-around.

Think about the problems the A11FL going back to professional football’s roots and having all players on the field potentially have eligible numbers will create for a defensive coordinator. It is third-and-goal at the 8-yard line. All 11 players in the offensive huddle have eligible-receiver numbers on the front and the back of their jerseys.

Will the offense trip up the defense and run an old-school West Coast Offense play like “Sprint Right Option,” or will it line up and run its A11-style cousin, “Blue Tight Stagger (A) Seal 18 Smash?”

It’s going to take some impressive defensive minds to be successful in the A11FL. There’s no doubt, however, the A11FL will find them.

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