Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Why will the A11FL kick off in spring of 2015?

The A11 Football League is slated to make its full-season debut in March of 2015.

That seems like a long time away. But in league-building terms, it really isn’t.

“Building a football league is a complicated process even with an experienced executive team,” said Steve Humphries, A11FL co-founder. “Kicking off in 2015 gives the league a 23-month timeframe to build a season-ticket base, and to do everything we need to do to put the best product on the field come spring 2015.”

In most aspects of life, slow and steady wins the race. This especially is true when giving birth to a new professional football league. The A11FL announced its formation in April with its Web site,, releasing details about its leadership team and a detailed fan guide (

One of the biggest questions fans have is why the A11FL is waiting so long to kickoff. The other top question is, “Why play in the spring, and not the fall?”

The recently-departed United Football League played in the fall, and the World Football League (1974-75) was a summer/fall league. All the other outdoor alternative pro football leagues of recent vintage – the United States Football League (1983-85), World League of American Football/NFL Europe (1991-92, 1995-2007) and the XFL (2001) – have been spring leagues.

“We believe there are enough avid football fans to make our brand of spring football league successful, and we are committed to delivering that,” said Humphries. “After enjoying the game during the fall season, they'll be able to watch A11FL, featuring versatile athletes at every position.”

With nearly two years to put all the pieces together and find high-quality athletes who fit the A11FL style of play, a top-notch leadership team in place, ongoing work on aspects like television and stadium deals and four exhibition games to showcase the product in 2014, the A11FL most definitely is headed in the right direction.

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