Friday, September 13, 2013

San Jose has no spring football past, can draw from nearby San Francisco, Oakland

San Jose, California, has no spring alternative outdoor professional football league experience to draw from.

That makes it one of those “untapped markets” that leagues love to look for.

San Jose also has an advantage in that it, according to Nielsen, is part of the San Francisco/Oakland Bay Area market, which is the sixth-largest television market in the United States. San Jose is 45 minutes away from Oakland, and 50 minutes away from San Francisco.

Spartan Stadium, home of the San Jose State football team, is the only viable stadium in the city for a potential spring outdoor alternative professional football league team. The stadium seats 30,456 for football, and the Spartans averaged 10,789 fans per home game last fall.

Most recently, Spartan Stadium played host to a fall United Football League game in 2009. That game, between the “home” California Redwoods and the Las Vegas Locomotives, had a listed attendance of 4,312.

Near-by Santa Clara will be the new home of the National Football League's San Francisco 49ers starting next year, as Levi's Stadium will open with a grass surface and a capacity of 68,500.

BOTTOM LINE – Since San Jose is part of the Bay Area television market anyway, a new football league most likely first would look at either San Francisco or Oakland to place a team – and rightfully so.

And given that the National Hockey League’s San Jose Sharks (who averaged 100 percent capacity for attendance in 2012-13) still would be playing when a new football team kicks off, that adds another obstacle in San Jose’s way.

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