Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Michael Vick in the A11FL in the spring of 2015? Well…

Longtime National Football League quarterback Michael Vick currently is a man without a starting job.

Vick, one of the most dynamic pass-run threats in the history of the NFL, has lost his starting job with the Philadelphia Eagles to Nick Foles, who doesn’t seem content to let it go any time soon (19 touchdown passes and no interceptions so far in 2013).

So where might Vick, a veteran left-handed quarterback who will be 34 in June, end up next? Perhaps in the A11 Football League.

Had the A11FL been around 10 years sooner, it would have been tailor-made for Vick, who has posted 21,489 yards and 128 touchdowns passing and 5,859 yards and 36 touchdowns rushing in his 11-year NFL career (2001-06, 2009-13).

Still, Vick may have enough tread left on his tires (he was averaging 9.1 yards per carry this season before getting injured) to be a high-quality A11FL quarterback – perhaps for the Pennsylvania team, where he most surely would have a lot of fans already in place. And Vick would be a great mentor for, possibly, a quarterback like Ohio State’s Kenny Guiton, who is the best backup quarterback in college football this year.

With or without Vick, Pennsylvania’s A11FL team wouldn’t be in as good of shape at quarterback as perhaps the Illinois A11FL team would be with the likes of former Philadelphia Eagle Mike Kafka, Northern Illinois dynamo Jordan Lynch, Northwestern pivot/receiver Kain Colter and Illinois record-setter Nathan Scheelhaase. Illinois won’t lack for high-quality choices.

Florida’s A11FL team, of course, would be in prime offensive position right away with Tim Tebow at quarterback, and there would be some nice backup options in Ryan Perrilloux (ex-United Football League QB) and Jacory Harris, currently in the Canadian Football League. Texas could go after Vince Young, and have a strong stable with perhaps Graham Harrell, Stephen McGee and Jerrod Johnson.

This space has mentioned former NFL No. 1 overall pick JaMarcus Russell as a big-name possibility for the New York/New Jersey squad, but players perhaps more suited for the offense would be ex-Miami Dolphin Pat White and former Kansas State standout Collin Klein.

California’s team could go with current Arena Football League quarterback Darron Thomas, formerly of Oregon, or Arizona lefty B.J. Denker. And Michigan has some young potentially-dynamic options in CFLers Dan LeFevour and Zach Collaros, and maybe even Nebraska’s Taylor Martinez.

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