Thursday, January 2, 2014

Throwback Thursday – Paul Hornung

There have been versatile players in the vast history of professional football, and then there was Paul Hornung.

A Professional Football Hall of Famer, Hornung could be put anywhere on the field during his nine-season career with the Green Bay Packers (1957-62, 1964-66), and he was going to do the job.

Hornung was the original “Slash,” seeing time for the Packers at halfback, fullback, quarterback and kicker for a decade. And what numbers he put up over a 104-game career during the regular season:

-          He ran for 3,711 yards, a 4.2-yard average and 50 touchdowns.
-          He caught 130 passes for 1,480 yards and 12 touchdowns.
-          He kicked 66 field goals and 190 extra points, making 97.9 percent of his PAT tries.
-          He was 24-for-55 passing for 383 yards, five touchdowns and four interceptions.
-          In 1958, he returned 10 kickoffs and 248 yards.
-          In all, Hornung scored 62 touchdowns, giving up a total of 760 points when his placekicking totals are added.

Hornung, the 1956 Heisman Trophy winner as a quarterback at Notre Dame, also led the National Football League in scoring every year from 1959-61, and set a league record with 176 points scored in 1960.

In addition to all those statistics, Hornung, nicknamed “The Golden Boy,” very much proved his versatility by his superb blocking prowess.

While with the Fighting Irish, Hornung honed his versatility by playing quarterback, left halfback, fullback, safety and kicker. From 1954-56, Hornung was 110-for-223 for 1,696 yards and 12 touchdowns passing, ran for 1,051 yards, caught three passes, returned five punts and 23 kickoffs and scored 121 points (15 touchdowns, 25 extra points and two field goals.

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