Monday, February 10, 2014

Sea Lions begin life with three helmet variations, plethora of possibilities

The Bay Area Sea Lions will begin life in the A11 Professional Football League next spring.

And when they do, they will have at least three different helmets at their disposal.

"Every A11FL team brand was built with a focus on optimizing the logo for a helmet,” said Steve Humphries, the A11FL’s Co-Founder and Vice President of Advanced Media.

The Sea Lions’ team colors are sunset orange, black, seal grey, sea foam silver and white. The team’s primary helmet is sunset orange with a black face mask, long black stripe and short sea foam silver side stripes.

“Initially, we had the full-body Sea Lion as the one and only option for the helmets, which looked great, but we were worried that the scheme wouldn’t have enough personality from a distance,” said Dane Storrusten, the Founder/Managing Partner of Soulcake Creative out of San Clemente, California, “similar to a Miami Dolphins scenario where you can see the body/silhouette of the mammal and not much else. A sea lion, although unique, doesn’t have as recognizable of a contour shape as other mascots, perhaps, so we decided to try a head-only version, a badge that would highlight the face.

“Once we decided to utilize both options across a couple helmet variations, we thought the head-only badge on orange was the most explosive for a primary staple.”

Bay Area has a Stratus helmet which primarily is sea foam silver, featuring a black face mask, black long stripe and short sunset orange side stripes.

“The name ‘Stratus’ comes from the iconic stratus clouds that flow in and hang low over the bay,” Storrusten said. “The scheme concept was pretty simple - we wanted to have the opportunity to play with various silver schemes, silver being a big part of the overall color scheme for that market. We thought this would be a good secondary scheme for that reason, so as not to compete so much with the black and silver of the (Oakland) Raiders.

“We also wanted to play with the silver scheme once we started playing with paint finishes - is it a really dull and tough, ‘steel’ or ‘titanium’-type finish, or could it be a ‘glamour’ finish that is more refined and reflective, like polished aluminum, or dare I say, chrome? I think we’ll flush that out a bit later, but for now, we landed on more of a medium between them, which falls somewhere in the raw aluminum bucket.”

The Sea Lions also have a white Scrimshaw (a whale’s tooth, paying tribute to the substantial whaling industry in the bay area in the 1800s) helmet, utilizing a full-length sea lion logo, a black face mask and long stripe and sunset orange side stripes.

“Scrimshaw was a bit out of left field for us,” said Storrusten. “We wanted to do something with a white helmet, just because it is always a great contrast option when two rivals go head to head especially. It could also be looked at as a throwback scheme. We also thought this would be a great opportunity to utilize the fluid full-body sea lion that stretches nearly from front to back. The darker color scheme of the sea lion against the white helps make that iconic shape pop, and could become one of the fan favorites.”

Storrusten said his favorite of the three Sea Lions helmets to date is the primary, adding. “It’s the loudest and gets me most excited emotionally.”

“Nobody’s done an exceptional Sea Lion logo, and Dane just hit it out of the park,” Humphries said.

Dusty Sloan is the A11 Professional Football League’s Senior Editor/Vice President of Editorial Content.

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