Saturday, February 22, 2014

The New Jersey Generals are back in town – and with a fresh, updated brand

The New Jersey Generals will be the A11 Professional Football League’s franchise in the United States’ largest media market.

A market the size of New York/New Jersey deserves a big-time team brand. And that’s exactly what fans of the reborn Generals have received.

“We developed the Generals identity with the mindset that this is the A11FL’s cornerstone brand in the No. 1 media market in America,” said Steve Humphries, A11FL Co-Founder/Vice President of Advanced Media. “The only option was delivering a big, and big and bold, design.”

The United States Football League Generals (1983-85) had a logo featuring a gold five-star general pattern over a circular laurel wreath, and the team colors were scarlet red, white, royal blue and metallic gold. The A11FL Generals’ logo still features five gold stars in a circle, but the inside of that circle forms a pentagon. These Generals’ team colors are red, gold, black and white.

“There’s a really strong affinity for the original Generals brand, even to the point of where they were considering leaving it the same,” said Dane Storrusten, the Founder/Managing Partner of Soulcake Creative out of San Clemente, California. “There’s always iconic images out there. That brand was just really strong. Sticking with the five-star was the input, which I totally agreed with.”

Said Humphries, “The key to building this identity was taking it down to it most basic element of being historically correct. In all our research, the only pattern that made sense was the simple five-star pattern connected at the tips. Dane took this relatively-simple concept, added design layers to the stars and colors and built power.”

The A11FL’s Team Brand Design Team wanted a logo which is flexible enough for many helmet variations, and that’s what the Generals have. On Monday, the story behind the Generals’ five current helmet variations will appear on

City: East Rutherford, New Jersey
2014 Nielsen United States television market ranking: 1st (New York City).
Colors: Red, gold, black and white.
Spring professional football league history: New Jersey Generals (USFL, 1983-85), New York/New Jersey Knights (World League of American Football, 1991-92) and New York/New Jersey Hitmen (XFL, 2001).

Dusty Sloan is the A11 Professional Football League’s Senior Editor/Vice President of Editorial Content.


  1. Can not wait for the Generals! It has been a while since NJ has been represented in pro football. Soon to be my new favorite team!

  2. Perfect! Can't wait to purchase gear and season tickets!! LOVE how its "New Jersey" and not "NY/NJ" or something. New Jersey will show their pride with this team.

    1. You can secure your season tickets by calling 1-855-TXS-4A11. You place a $25 deposit and get put on a priority list for when tickets become available.

  3. I'd like to know if the Generals will be having a contribution page on indiegogo

  4. Hopefully the Philadelphia Stars too. I-95 Rivalry!

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